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Neighborhood Groups   The family structure is coming apart and youth are afraid.  If we don’t give them answers, they will make the wrong choices.  Because they have no long term picture to measure what they are doing, and a limited vision for options, we provide a group structure with an available leader, who gives them attention.     That is exactly what the streets do and if we fail to provide this to our youth, they can and will find it right outside their homes on the street corner.   GXG has set  up a flexible program that can be adapted by those who partner with us.   We have a curriculum with a variety of at risk behaviors that are addressed in an adventuresome, multi media presentation.  It really is a great way to engage youth and help them become focused on learning opportunities that are their treasured ladder to success.    In order to intervene in the present cycle of life choices available to our area’s youth, we offer to help them with needed support services.   We help to provide a means for cooperation in neighborhood groups.  What we have learned. we share with those who connect with us and work with us in a cooperative agreement.    Neighborhood groups provide multiple support systems to families who are challenged.  Neighborhood Groups can utilize  a targeted area program to address the youth who are at risk to failing school, being delinquent, truant, and entering the streets economy.  We can serve this effort with youth group services.    Setting up a Neighborhood Group is key to long term sustained reduction of families in Crises.   By gathering, equipping and launching a collaborative effort, you can have services to provide in cooperation with multiple teams.       
Right Choices for Youth Leadership Training Intro:  This program is a restorative support service to supplement teams who desire assistance.  The training team will help the lead agency to reconcile youth with becoming interactive participants in their correct peer group. The Curriculum:  The curriculum based treatment program really is quite unique, in quickly engaging youth.  Classes provide behavioral enhancement to students who are empowered to focus on pro social choices.   We help youth to identify right choices and to disengage from hindering challenges that have kept them from being able to win.   Youth learn that they are able to take ownership as they choose to break  destructive life cycles. The achievements are evident as youth take small steps into their own personalized life plan for a life change.  Group Services Many of today’s youth are ready for success anyway they can get it.  Youth respond to positive reinforcement that provides them with the mechanism to win. Youth see the previous graduates relate their stories of life changes and they can begin to envision success for themselves.   The group setting will support healthy choices and the curriculum provides a series of opportunities for right choices.   People can witness their progress, as each youth embraces change. The V.G.P. Program’s have bundled services that wrap around youth and fast track their success.  We are supplement to a full integrated continuum of care. 
Youth want to succeed and only need to have someone open the door and invite them to play.  We will help your agency as part of a restorative program mechanism of change.   We help build the capacity of youth and empower them to be winners.  Request a multi-media presentation for your team, or you can engage the group services for your team.  The program has multiple assessments and evaluations.  Contact
Regional Team Approach Norfolk State University.  Brambleton Center, Regent University, Lifeforming Services, VA Gang Prevention Programs teams, GXG and your program partnership. Youth are provided access to success. Together, we can help youth to win.
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