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Year 2008  
Jan. 23, 3:00 Admin. N/P, Schools, Gang Preven. Presentation. To Mr. Spencer,
Feb. 6 1:00 Ches. Assis.City Managers meeting, VGPP Presentation with Dr. Feit,
Feb. 17th, Tabernacle Church, Youth Gang Prev Stage show. 70 Youth
Feb. 20th Gregg Smith Norfolk Probations,  VGPP Presentation
March 11 STOP org, VGPP presentation, and proposal
March 12 8:30 Eastern Regional Gang Task Force, Gregg Smith. VGPP presenting Gang Intervention Programs. 18 Professionals
March 12 2:00 Ches. Court Service Unit, VGPP Presentation,
March 21, 12:00 Suffolk DOH, VGPP presentation & proposal. Gang Intervention Overview 16 Professionals
March 21 2:00 N/P/S Laffayeete, Winnona Middle, VGPP presentation and Proposal.
April 10, VGIA Gang Specialist Training Chesterfield, Va.
April 11, GXG Prevention Program, New Hope Chapel (55 parents and Children/Visitors)
April 30, Norfolk Detention Center School Presentation and proposal Principle Kerry
May 16, Orlando Florida, Community Outreach Parking Lot Party. 600 youth & parents, mixed. 400 youth & adults
May 20, 1:00 Norfolk Det. School Gang Intervention Assembly 40 youth, and 15 Adults
June 5, Web Conference, for Gang Prevention VGPP
June 12 3:00 Proposal and Presentation to VGIA to Officer Randy Crank
June 27 Hampton Police Dept Gang Squad cooperative Presentation, ‘youth against violence’ communities in Action, presentation.  Antioch Baptist Church, Old Buckroe Road. Gang Prevention  90 youth, 120 adults.
June 28  Community Outreach Dr. Clarence Cuffee Park Gang Prevention 60 youth, and 80 adults.
July 12, 4-7 Norfolk Community Outreach, Norfolk Police Dept. also Presented, H.Y.P.E Festival
Huntersville Youth Pursuing Excellence. Gang Prevention 140 Youth, 110 Adults
July 19, Received Mentorship Training At Common Wealthy Challenge
July 23, Portsmouth Dept. of Health Independent Living Training Group, Gang Prevention 30 youth, 8 Adults.
July 23, Campistella Community Outreach Joe Williams, John Dooley, Ches. Police Dept. Gang Prevention 120 youth, 90 Adults.

July 12, 4-7
Norfolk Community Outreach,
Norfolk Police Dept. also Presented, H.Y.P.E Festival
Huntersville Youth Pursuing Excellence. Gang Prevention 140 Youth, 110 Adults

July 19,
Received Mentorship Training At Common Wealthy Challenge

July 23,
Portsmouth Dept. of Health Independent Living Training Group, Gang Prevention
30 youth, 8 Adults.

July 23,
Campistella Community Outreach
Joe Williams, John Dooley, Ches. Police Dept. Gang Prevention 120 youth, 90 Adults.

August 5, 9:30, Ches City Managers presentation to city gang task force. 8 professionals

August 12, Suffolk DOH J.J.
On staff correction officer presentation. Gang Services
5 Professionals

August 26, City of N/News
Larry Robinson. Report

Sept 12, 1:00 Nor
probations (all of them) 34 professionals

Sept. 18, City of Richmond DOH Father program planning

Sept. 19 New Port News 6 week groups
Intensive Supervision
25 youth

Sept 24, N Pub. Schools Security Dir.
Planning Meeting.

Oct. 3 GXG G/Prev
New Hope Chapel

Oct.7 Nor Court
Services Dir. Planning Meeting.

Oct 8 1:15, Oscar Smith V/Principle Presentation
Oct 9, Madison Career Center. Principle

Oct 15 8:30 Gamby High Staff Preventation

Oct. 15 Booker T 9:30

Oct. 20 VGIA Board Gang programs (community services)

Nov. 5 CCOYS
Ches. Youth Agencies
VGPP Overview

Dec. 3 Ches. Court Services 
Gang Prev. Training. 

Dec. 16
GXG Yearly Banquet

Dec. 30 Annual Board Meeting.

Previous Engagements Years 2007 to 2002 /font>


Year 2007

Jan 29,
Gang Prevention Stage show 35th st Park Place School. Norfolk. 35 youth

Feb. 17,
VGPP Winter Gang Prev Training
NSU School of Social Work, 20 Adults

March 12
Gang Awareness
Rotary Club,
Uptown Buffet
12 Adults

March 19
Radio Talk Show
Pavar and Booda Brothers, in the Morning. 105. with Vice Mayor Burford.

March 21
Jeff Shelton
Ches. Com. Services board D/Awareness Presentation, with Dr. Feit. 11 Professionals.

April 14
College Square Park
Gang Awareness
Suffolk Outreach.
S/Police Chief and 1 C/Councelman
160 family members

June 15
Norfolk Pace Safe Roundtable-Gang Intervention 14 Professionals

June 16,
VGPP, NSU and the City of Norfolk, wrote a 4 million doller grant, to the U.S. OJJDP

July 4, Ocean View
Community Picnic,
Randy Right, Con. Themla Drake, and GXG Stage Show
400 Family Members

July 5th
Whro Studio’s, Human Service Forum,
Jan, Callahan, Norfolk Gang Prev. programs

July 18
Suffolk Gang Prevention Family Conference, Lt. Grove Baptist Church. 400 Family Members

August 11
Huntersville Rec Center Dept. of Neighborhood Preservation.
110 Family members

Oct. 6th,
V.B. Convention Center Gang Awareness Round Table. Fed. Civic Leagues Annual meeting. 25 Professionals

Oct 11,
Peninsula Gang Prevention, N/News
Police Dept Community Hall
With O/B/T. 25 Adults

Oct. 13,
Level Green
Community Training
Gang Prevetion ,
V.B. Mayor Olgeldorff, and Senator Miller,
spoke, as well. 45 Adults

Oct. 18
Ballentine Civic League, Gang Prevention Training.
40 Adults

Oct. 21
Carver Middle School, Gang Awareness Training. Bishop Hill,
coordinated a weekend Seminar.
40 Family Members

Nov. 1-13 Intervention
Nigeria, Gang in
Sagamor Prision,
200 Youth, 15 Professionals
and gang prev. at the National Youth Conference 6,000 youth. Logos, Nigeria.

Nov. 27.
Gang Prevention
Stage Show, at 6 House, N/News. In cooperation with N/News Juv. Services. 60 Adults an Children.

Dec. 4th,
New News Juvinial
Services Community Group 6 week G/Intervention training started.
24, total in training

Dec. 8,
GXG Yearly Graduation of Weekly G/Prev. Youth Reg. Program
160 family participants, (came)
from one program.

Dec. 10
Ches. Detention Center, 6 week G/Intervention program started.
17 total in training

Year 2006

January 3
Harbor North Community Network
Capacity Training. 12 Adults

Jan 10
White House Faith Based Offices GXG Gang Preven. Presentation,
Jay Hines

Jan 12
New Port News Community Committee Gang Prevention
Police Chief Fox

Jan. 31 6:00
Norfolk Housing and
Red., Youth Job Training. Calvert Square Facility
60 youth,

Feb. 11, 9:00
First Baptist Church Crestwood, Radio
Show- Rejoice 100.9

Feb. 14 9:00
Booker T High School
Gang Prev. Assembly .
200 youth.

March 22,
T. Com. College
Gang Awareness Seminar. 40 Students

March 23
Norfolk State U.
Virginia Prev. Partnerships. 28 Professionals.

April 2
Calvary Revival Ch.
Bully Prevention Training, Video Taped.
300 Children

April 4
NSU School of Justice
Drug Awareness Class
Professor M/Fischer.
28 Students

April 6
Gang Awareness training. Huntersville Rec. for . Norfolk D/ of Health. Gregg Smith
45 Professionals.

April 10,
Norfolk Dept. of Heath
Dir. Clark Earl
Gang Prevention Presentation.

April 17 9:00
Norfolk Schools
Security Team- Tim Mallory. Gang Intervention Presentation

April 27 9:00
Press Conference
Va. Prevention Partnership
N/State University.
45 Professionals, and Dir. of Org.

May 6, 3:00
Norcum H/School
Drug Awareness
Community Day
130 students

May 17
Opening Day
NHR Youth Summer
Programs. Gang Prevention 6 week program

May 20 6:00 pm
N.N Jail Banquet,
Chaplain Robinson
140 Professionals, and non profit leaders

May 27-28
Marriage Con.
Ramada Inn
18 Couples

May 27th
Harbor North
Block Party
Chesapeake, Va.
160 Family Members

June 15
Rejoice 100
Radio Interview

June 17 11:00
New Hope Com.
Outreach, 32 32 Brest Ave. Norfolk .
350 Family Members

June 22
Moton Ct. NRHousing
Authority Summer Class Graduation. 80 Adults and Children

June 29th
Va. Sec. of Public Safety. Spirit of Youth
Award. Gang Intervention Presentation
Williamsburg, Va.
180 Professionals

July 15
Gods Squad
Gang Intervention
Stage show
N/Juv. Det. Center
40 youth

July 19 11:00
Grandy Village
Drug Awareness
Community Outreach
N/Housing and
Redevelopment. 75 Family Members

August 3
NSU Gang
Prevention Con.
80 Professionals, and
non profit leaders.

August 11
Street Credit
Youth Leadership Conference, Leesburg.
Va. 70 Family Members

August 19th
Gods Squad
Gang Intervention
Stage show
N/Juv. Det. Center
40 youth

August 23,
K-Love Radio Show
National Gang Prev.

Sept. 3 9:00
Rev. Smiths,
Single Mothers Clinic
New Port News,
35 Leaders & Mothers

Sept. 7- 9
Recovery for the City,
Alantic Shores Bap/ Ch. 12 Step Grad.
65 Adults

Sept 11-12
New Orleans Awards
U.S. Justice Dept.
Con. Juvinial Justice
Spirit of Youth Awards
Gang Intervention
130 DJJ Employees, and Professionals

Oct. 5th
Ches. City Gang Task Force, Gang Prev.
Presentation 25 Professionals

Oct. 25
NSU Police Dept.
Safety Day, Nofolk State University
Community Hall
145 Students

Nov. 14
Community Forum
Gang Intervention
L/Winona M/School
Judge Jones 180 Mixed

Dec. 12
GXG Banquet, Yearly Graduation of Weekly G/Prev. Youth Reg. Program
140 family Participants,
from one program.

Dec. 2 2:00
Booker T Community Day, Gang Prevention
Presentation. 600
Family Members. Facilitator, WOTC Ch.

Dec. 6
Ocean view Kiwanis’s
Gang Prevention Presentation
20 Professional & leaders

Year 2005

New Year’s
Franklin Ministers Conference, F/Va.
Gang Prev. Stage Show
750 Pastors, Leaders

Feb. 8
Dept. of Correction
State Committee for Bill Glass Corrections Outreach 18 Leaders

Feb. 14,
Cavalier C/Club
V. Beach, Va.
Violence Awareness
Stage Show
V. Beach 60 Leaders

March 5 &12
Financial Literacy
Seminar, Hill Top.
HillTop Baptist Ch
20 Adults

April 9
H/Roads Youth
Leadership Con.
H/State University.
Gang Prev Training,
With Gregg Smith
400 youth at the stage show, & 45 in the w/shop

April 18,
Gang Intervention
Stage show
Tidewater Detention
Home, Chesapeake
150 youth

April 21,
Va. Mens Program
Ron Clark
Radio Show
New Port News, Va.

April 23, 9-4
St. Johns Church, Bishop S.L Green. Financial Lit. Seminar
20 Adults

April 23 6:00
God Squad
Gang Intervention
Stage show
Norfolk Detention
Center, Norfolk
40 youth

April 29, 12:15
Channel 3 News
Live regional Webcast, Station House. Gang Awareness

May 14
New Hope Church
Financial Literacy
Seminar, Norfolk 20 Adults

May 28th
God Squad
Norfolk, Juvenile Center 40 youth

June 22
OBT- Gang Prevention Training, Summer Interns, Coach Program
45 youth and Adults

June 25th
Norfolk Housing and Development, Fin. Lit. Seminar, Calvert Square 20 Adults

July 2
Chesapeake City Park
Community Outreach
Gang Prev. Stage show
190 family members

June 9
Twin Canals,
Housing Project, Outreach, G/Prev. Stage Show
Va. Beach. 160 Family members

July 25
VRT @ Va. General Assembly Building.
GXG Spoke on Gang
Prevention work 65 professionals

July 29
N/News Juvinial Det. Center, Gang Prevention Stage Show.
60 youth

August 10
Press Conference,
NSU Sch. of S. Work.
45 professinals and Leaders

August 12
N/D/H/R Youth Division. Summer Job Training Graduation
Calvert Square. 60 youth

August 13
Coastlands Com. Ch
Harbor North Apart.
Community Outreach
160- family members

August 16,
Va. D.J.J. Dir.
Gang Prev. Presentation
Sept. 10
Va. Gang Reduction
Summit, Norfolk State
University. 65 professionals& leaders

Sept 14-16
NCNE Awards Banquet, and Workshop Training
HSBC Best workshop
Award for GXG

Sept. 24,
Financial Literacy
Conference, Franklin
20 adults

Sept. 26
Granby High
Principles team
Planning session
11 Professionals

Oct. 8
NCNE Financial
Literacy Workshop
Richmond 20 Adults

Oct 12
NSU Criminal Jus.
School, Gang Prev.
Workshop. 28 students

Oct. 15,
Financial Literacy
Workshop, Portsmouth
20 adults

Nov. 15 9-10:30 am
N/S/U Sch. S/Work
VGPP Fall meeting. 18 leaders of Programs

Dec. 8,
GXG Banquet, Yearly Graduation of Weekly G/Prev. Youth Reg. Program 125 family Participants,
from one program.

Dec. 17
F/Outreach Center, Christmas Outreach,
Chaplain Robinson
N. News City Jail
35 Adults

Year 2004

New Years
Vision Ministries
School Outreach
Chesapeake Va.

January 8 - 2:00pm
U.S. Dep of Justice
Faith Based Office
Independence Ave, D.C.

January 12
Hispanic Radio
Network Board

January 26 - 6:00pm
Disadvantage Dev.
Chesapeake, VA

January 27 - 9:00am
ECCO Board, New Hope Community Center

January 29 – 7:00
H/Roads Y/ Alliance
New Hope Community Center

Feb. 15-11:00am
Vision Ministries
Morning Service
Chesapeake, VA

February 7, 6:00
Intercessory Prayer
Chesapeake, Va.

Feb. 16
ECCO Grant Team
Capacity Training

Feb. 17, 6:00 pm
Youth Alliance
New Hope Com.

Feb. 19-21
Catch the Fire
Prayer Team


Feb. 22
Prayer Meeting
Willowwood Pres. Church

March 22-25
NCEE training
Dallas, Texas

Feb. 25, 4:00
Christians for F/ Based
Initiatives, Steering Committee

Feb. 29 – 11:00am
Sunday Morning
Rock Ch. of Norfolk

March 11, 9:00
GXG Board Meeting
The Way of the Cross

March 5-6
Suffolk Faith Based
Suffolk, Va.

March 9-7:00
Urban Ministries Training, Providence
Bible College

March 13
Intercessory Prayer
Chesapeake, Va

March 15,
Project Bridge
Pastor Prayer
Landover Maryland

March 16
Teen Challenge
Business Plan
Mid-Atlantic Office

March 20,2004
N. News Detention

School Chapel

March 21, 10:00
Chesapeake Vin.
Sunday Morning Service

March 24, 4:00
CFBI Conference Steering Committee-Planning Session

March 27 2-4:00
Calvary Revival Ch.
Portsmouth Outreach

March 27 6:00pm
TWOTC Church
Substance Abuse
Fashion Show

March 28, 7:00 pm
Prayer Meeting

April 2
Newport News

April 3
H/Roads Right Choices for Youth, Seminar

April 13
Teen Challenge
Outreach-Chapel D.C.

April 23 6:30
Youth Blast
New Life Church
Ocean View

May 1,
NCNE Literacy Training-
W/O/T/C Church Norfolk, Va

May 7-8
Muslim Outreach
On Tidewater Dr.

May 15-16
New Life Min
Dale City, Va

May 19, 3:00
Virginia Dept. J.J.

May 20 7-8:30pm
GXG Outreach
New Hope Com.

New Hope Church
Evangelism Training

May 21
GXG Outreach
New Hope Center

May 22, 11-3J)
Tidewater Area Prayer
Kemptsville Pres. Ch.

May 24, 10:00
H.U.D. youth network
Norfolk, Va

May 25-26
CFBI Conference
Washington, D.C.

May 27, 9:30
Atlantic Shores
High School Chapel

May 29
GXG Outreach
New Hope Church

June 3 9:30 Middle
School Chapel
Atlantic Shores

June 5, 9-1:00
Violence Prevention Seminar
Camp Middle School

June 6, 4-5:00
Art Festival
Tabernacle Church
Granby St. Norfolk

June 11,
GXG Outreach
Shoop Park

June 12, 7:00
Vision Min. Banquet

June 14, 1-3 pm
Va. Round Table
Richmond, Va.

June 15
Norfolk Detention Center

June 18, 5-6:30
GXG Outreach
New Hope Com. Cen.

June 19, 12:30
New Hope Church
Community Outreach

June 19, 3:00
Calvary Revival
Norcum High
Portsmouth, Va

June 25
Chesapeake Detention
Chapel. T/D/Home

June 27, 6:00
E/C/C/O Prayer

July 4
New Life Church
Ocean View, Norfolk

July 8
Va. Attorney General
Faith Based Group

July 10,
Ingleside Church
Yearly Outreach
Ingleside Dr. Norfolk

July 17, 11-3
Tidewater Regional

July 17, 4:00
Twin Canals
United in Him

July 25,
Fullness of the Spirit
Youth Conference
Chesapeake, Va.

July 28
C/F/B/Initiatives Meeting

July 29
Norfolk Interagency

Norfolk July 31,
P/C/Outreach Ministries
Summer Outreach,

August 19
H/Roads Round Table

August 7, 2004
Lynchburg Resource
Development Plan

August 8,
Providence Min. Int. World Outreach Center
Lychburg, Va.

August 9
H/Roads Food Network
Training, Portsmouth

August 21 1:00
Lynhburg Child Care Clinic

August 23
T/R/Prayer Network
Coordinators meeting

August 27 12:00 pm
H/Roads Marriage Initiative
Calvary Alliance

August 27 5:30 pm
Side Walk Sunday School B/T/ School

August 28
Back to School
Richmond Outreach
Pastor Barry Winston

August 29
Family Restoration

Sept 3
GXG Back to
School Party

Sept 8

Sept 11, 8:30-3:30
NCNE Literacy Training-H/Roads,Va.

Sept. 12
Life Changers Bap. Ch
Lychburg, Va

Sept. 18
Life Changers Bap.
Outreach, Lynchburg

Sept. 19
Praise 3 Church
Sunday Morning

Sept. 24

September22-Oct 6 Nigeria
(lots of prayer-please)

Oct. 9
G. Bridge COG
Kids/Youth Outreach

Oct. 10 11:00 am
New Life

Oct. 10 12:00 pm
Praise 3
Virginia Beach, Va.

Oct. 16
Family Restoration
GXG outreach

Oct 17
Redeem COGIC
Richmond, Va

Oct. 22
America For Jesus
Washington, D.C.

October 30
Literacy Training
Portsmouth, Va.

Nov. 10 4:00 pm
CBFI Fall Meeting

Nov. 19
GXG outreach
Fairmont Park

Nov. 21
New Hope

Nov. 28
Freedom Church
N. News

Dec. 5

Dec. 9, 6:30
GXG yearly Banquet

Dec. 10 6:00
Boys and Girls Club
Newport News
Children of Prisoners

Dec. 13 Board Meeting

Dec. 18
Snow Hill’s Missionary
Baptist, Church
Orlando, Florida

2003 Agenda
New Years EVE
Rock Church, Norfolk

Northern Virginia Coalition
Wood Bridge, Va.

January 30
Evangelicals for Faith
Based Initiatives
Washington, D.C.

Feb. 2 1:00
ECCO Annual

Feb. 5th 5:00 pm

Feb. 13

Feb 14-15
Catch The Fire
Pastoral Dinner
Founders Inn

February 27, 7:00
New Hope C.O.G.I.C.
Men’s Conference
Norfolk, Va.

March 1, 10-3
Fatherhood Conference
Richmond Virginia

March 15,
U/M/C/ Home group
V. Beach, Va.

March 27

March 30, 6:00 pm

New Hope C.O.G.I.C.
Norfolk, Va.

April 19, 2-6:30 pm
GXG Outreach
Chesapeake Blvd.

April 26, 6:00
Youth Challenge Banquet, N/News

May 31, 1-4:00
GXG Center
Chesapeake Blvd.
Norfolk, Va.

June 15-11:00
New Creation Church
Churchland, Va.

June 26

June 28th
Community Day
New Hope COGIC

June 29th,
Good News

July 4 1-3
New Orleans Outreach
Airline Highway

July 4 7-10
Houma Outreach

July 6, 10:30 am
Victory Fellowship
Houma, Louisiana

July 6, 7:00 pm
Bayou Church
Bert, Louisiana

July 13
Gods Way Church
Shreveport, Louisiana

July 19th
Greater Works Outreach
Norfolk, Va

July 23, 11:00
Mt. Carmel Baptist
Portsmouth, Va

July 29-30
East Coast
Next Step Seminar
Regent University

August 5
Gang Task Force
Va. Attorney General
General Assembly

August 6-7 1:30-12
World Outreach
Center-COG Urban/Missions

August 7-8
Jewish Community Center N.Y-New York

August 10-10:30
Smithfield AOG

August 14, 7-9
N/New’s Jail Ministry

August 17 & 24
New Creation Church,
Portsmouth Va.

August 21 and 22
Youth Counseling
Savannah Georgia

August 23 6:30
Grace Community Ch.
Chesapeake, Va.

August 24 10:30
New Creation Church,
Portsmouth Va.

August 24 7:00
Tidewater Area
Christian Fellowship
Va. Beach, Va.

Sept. 3
World Vision Office

Sept. 4th
Whip Leader BLUNT
Press Conference

Sept 5 4-6
GXG Party Outreach
New Hope C/Center

Sept 6
Back to School Party
Churchland Elementary
Churchland, Va

Sept. 11
City Wide Outreach
Atlantic Shores
Dr. Paul Hardy

Sept. 13 4-7
Good News COGIC
Out Reach, S/ Norfolk

September 14, 10:00
Freedom Outreach N. News Virginia

Sept. 15
Gang Task Force
Richmond, Va.

Sept. 16 1-2
New York Hispanic
Business Plan

Sept. 27, 1-4
GXG Good New Club

Sept. 28, 3:00


El Bethel Worship Center
Suffolk, Va

October 3, 5-6:30
New Hope Community Center

October 12-7:00 pm
Higher Life Ministries
Chesapeake, Va

October 16
Va. Attorney General
Gang Task Force
Northern Va.

October 18, 3-6
N/News Outreach
Freedom Church

October 23-24
Ann Arbor

October 25
Pastor Darren Davis
Lancing, Michigan

October 26,
Bishop Haddon
Detroit Michigan

November 7, 7:00 pm
Higher Life Women’s Conference
Chesapeake, Va

November 15
Antioch Baptist Church
Berkley, Va.

November 18, 2003
Providence Bible College
Yearly Banquet

Nov. 19-27
Oregon Outreach

Dec. 2
GXG yearly banquet

Dec. 6
Calvary Revival Outreach
Portsmouth, Va.

Dec. 10,
Yearly Board meeting

Dec. 11, 8:30-9:30
Stone Bridge School
Suffolk, Va

Dec. 12-17
Charleston S.C.
How To

Dec. 19 7:30
Life Training
Orlando Vineyard

Dec. 20
Vineyard-City Concert
Orlando, Florida

Dec. 31 8-12
Vision Ministries
New Years Party
757-546-0985 Ext 5

Dates for 2002

Feb. 3rd
Va. Fatherhood
Super bowl party Bethel AOG. Hampton, Virginia

Feb. 9h, 3:30 pm
Hampton Crises
Response Con.
1st Baptist Church
V.B. , Virginia

Feb. 17-1-4
Youth outreach
Suffolk Rodeo
Suffolk, Va.

March 6,
Claude Allen
Deputy Sec. Of Health
Washington, D.C.

March 8, 9:30
North Side H/R
City Reach Team

March 18-19
R Choices for Youth
Virginia Gov. Con.

March 30, 9:45
Ocean View Rec. Center Lock in

April 19-20,
Washington Regional
Transformation Con.
Ashburn, Virginia

May 20,
Va. Preventing
Violence Seminar
Chantilly, Virginia

May 26, 6:00
Rock Church of
Norfolk, Virginia

June 5,
Washington, D.C.
Pastors Team
Dr. Corinthia Boone

June 7, 10:00 am
Roanoke Compassion Network

June 9,
Hoop it up
Father and Son
D/S/S Dansville

June 13-14
How To Seminar
Baltimore, Maryland

June 15, 12:30 pm
Greenville Ele./School Emporia Police Dept.

June 16

July 11-12
ARRC Press
Conference D.C.

July 14, 11:00
Ingleside Baptist Church Community

Norfolk, Va.

July 15-20
Charlotte N/C Outreach,
Rock City Church

August 16-17
Gods Glory Ministries
New Jersey

August 24th, 1-4 pm
Washington D.C.
“How to” seminar

September 2-7:00 pm
H/Roads Latino Pastors Business Plan

September 15th, 10:00am
Faith Temple COGIC
Rocky Mount, Va

September 15, 7-900
Roanoke City-Youth
Bishop Dwight Green

Oct. 5,
Hispanic Outreach
David Gimenez

Oct. 6 11:00 am
Compassion Community Church, N. News, Va.

Oct. 10th
Richmond, Va.
Oct 11-12
The Christian Coalition’s
D.C. breakout

Oct. 25-26th
VOAD State Meeting.
Rockville, Va

Oct. 27th
Refuge COGIC
Chesapeake, Va

Nov. 8-9
Training seminar
Raleigh Compassion Network

Nov 23 6:00
GXG yearly Banquet

Nov. 30-1
Rocky Mt. N/Carolina

Dec. 5
Northern Va.
VRT Regional Seminar

Dec. 6-7
How To
Petersburg Seminar

Dec. 7th, 9:00 am
GXG Yearly board

Dec. 13 5:30-8:00
Indep. Living Seminar,
D.S. Service
Ashland, Virginia



January 3, 12:00
Ocean view Pastors Luncheon,

January 8, 10:00 am
Norfolk ECCO
Willow wood Presbyterian

January 11, 10:15
Southside Boys and Girls Club Berkley

January 18:00 am
Portsmouth Kiwanas

January 20, 12-2 pm
Virginia Round Table

January 27, 1030 am
Presbyterian Youth Retreat

January 27, 2:30 pm
Portsmouth Juvenal
Boot Camp Graduation

January 30, 12:00
East Coast Youth Pastor Net workers Conference
Rock City Church

February 3rd, 1-4 pm
T/R/N seminar for
City Reach
Willow wood Church

February 7, 7:00 pm
Centerville Christian Fellowship
Youth/ group
Chesapeake, VA.

February 8, 4:30 pm
Portsmouth Friends
Abstinence Program Jeffery Wilson Housing Project,

February 10, 10:00am
Centerville Christian Fellowship Evangelism Training
Chesapeake, VA.

February 12, 5-7:00pm
Va. Commonwealth University Glass House
Violence Awareness Richmond

February 16-17
Urban Training Clinic
Holiness Pentecostal Yearly Conference
Founders Inn

February 21, 7:00 pm
Family Life youth,

February 22, 7:00 pm Lafayette Vineyard Youth group

February 25,
The Glorious Church
New Iberia

February 27,
1st Annual Mardi-Gras
Christian Outreach

February 28, 11:30-1:00
Acadiana City-Reach
Brousard, Louisiana

March 10, 10:00 am
Centerville Christian Fellowship, Evangelistic Training Clinic

March 11, 11:00
Rock Church Little Creek

March 12, 6:00 pm
Lynchburg Faith Seminar,

March 17 12-2:00 pm
Virginia Round Table

March 18, 11:00 am
Hindenwood Christian Fellowship
Newport News

March 21, 9:00 sharp
Ocean View Pastors
All day-Clinic

March 30, pm
Hindenwood Christian Fellowship, Youth outreach

April 3
East Coast Youth Pastors
Rock City-Church

April 10-12
Bronx N.Y
Outreach in Project


April 18-May 8th
1-Evangelistic training event

4 Penitentiary chapels

2 radio programs

4 Sunday Morning Church Services

2 School assemblies

May 19
Combined Church
Youth Crusade
South Boston

May 24-26
Ocean View Outreach
New Life Christian Center
Summer and Fall of 2001

May 26, 12:00
Virginia Round Table

June 6, 10:00am
Boys and Girls club
Berkley, Virginia

June 9 12:00 lunch
Virginia Round Table
Richmond, Virginia

June 13
Boys and Girls club Berkley
Yearly Suspended program

June 14-25
(June 16th City Reach Conference)

June 23,1-3 pm
Chesapeake Drug Awareness

June 23, 4-5 pm
Zoe Community Church
Newport News-Outreach

July 1, 10:00 am
Spirit of the Lord Church

July 4th 1:00
Spirit of the Lord Church
Outreach to Grand Lake
Rec. Center & Park

July 10 5:00pm
Beach Care Outreach
Boling Park, Norfolk

July 11, 9:30
Easter Region Charitable Choice Conference
Thomas Nelson College

July 14
New life Community Ch.
Bay view Outreach

July 19,
Tent Revival
Bishop Cross

July 21, 1:00 pm
Zoe Community Church
Community Outreach
Newport News

July 26, 3-4
Bully Prevention
Old Dominion University
Norfolk, VA.

August 4, all day
King of Virginia Beach
Evangelistic Outreach

August 5, 11:00 am
Spirit of the Lord Church
1433 N. Battlefield Bld.

August 10, 6-8
Block Party
Freedom Outreach Newport News

August 11, 1-3pm
New life Christian Center
Outreach -Norfolk

August 11, 4-5
Tent revival
Johnson’s Rd.

August 11, 6:00 pm
Women Detention

August 12, 9:30 am
Halstead United Methodist Ch.

August 12, 11:00 am
McKendree UMC

August 22, 9:00 am
South Hampton Roads
Ministers Roundtable

August 23, 11:30-200
Virginia Round Table

August 23, 5-8 pm
Hanover Youth
Detention Center


August 24-26
South Boston
Project Outreach

August 26,
Chesapeake Vineyard

August 31, 6:00
Outreach Center
Newport News

September 8
Mt. Sinai Church
Back to school”

Sept. 9,
End of the Summer Party
New Life O/View
Community Beach Park

Sept. 15, 3:00 pm
Boot Camp Graduation
Portsmouth Juvenile

Sept. 6 10:00 am
Pastor Tim Brazzel

September 22, 12:00-
New Creation Community
Church Outreach

September 29, 1-4
North side “How To” seminar
Zoe Community Church

September 30-
Pastor Cherries Church

2-Combined Cluster
3-Bethel Youth


Oct 21
Mission American CIR team
Orlando, Florida

October 30,
Right Choices for Youth
Chantilly, Va

Nov. 1,
Stonebridge School

Nov. 8, 1130-2:00
Va. Round Table

Nov 10,
Harvest Party
Smithfield, Va

Nov. 14, 9:00 am
SS Leaders Meeting

Nov. 14. 5:00 pm
Governor Gilmore’s
Reception Coreta/King

Nov. 17, 1-4
Richmond City-Mobilization
Seminar, Richmond

Nov. 18 6:30
Clarion Hotel
Youth Ministry

Nov. 19th, 5:30
Boot Camp Graduation
Portsmouth, Juvenile

Nov. 24, 6:00 pm
Ladies Corrections
Facility, Chesapeake

December 8th,
GXG Yearly Banquet

Dec. 6th, 11;OOam
Refuge C.O.G.I..C.

Dec. 14,
U.S. Surgeon General, Philadelphia, Penn




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