Copyright © 2008/2011  Virginia Gang Prevention Web design & hosting by Coalition Overview :  The VGPP focus is for the effective intervening and preventing gang involvement on a regional level by the use of referrals within the partnership, communication with and between agencies, targeting neighborhoods with focused community action programs, and offering alternatives to at risk youths. VGPP is already a demonstrative community coalition of committed agencies, and is seeking to further link and coordinate the programs for further productivity, as well as leveraging of the combined program services to help more youth and families. The agencies affiliated with VGPP are seeking funding to help provide the broad range of services to at risk children and families in the following program areas: day, weekend, and summer camps, gang prevention/intervention trainings and direct services, empowerment stage shows, drug awareness and prevention, counseling services, job preparation, enhanced educational opportunities, SAT, SOL, GED, and literacy preparation and after school tutoring, and transitional housing . The agencies affiliated with VGPP provide these services at various sites throughout the Hampton Roads area and currently serve over 6,500 individuals annually. Our programs services are building on the strength of each agency who is committed to the coalition as well as the capacity of God’s X Gangsters and NSU, SSW. God’s X Gangsters has been the motivating factor leading to this collaborative juncture, as they have pioneered working with regional team that allow agency to maintain their own identity yet agree to work as a team to reach at-risk youths and their families NSU, (SSW) has been acting as the intermediary organization and seeks to assist VGPP with five critical areas of capacity building: leadership development, organizational development, program development, revenue development strategies, and community engagement. Background: The agencies affiliated with the Virginia Gang Prevention Partnership (VGPP) for years have separately provided a broad range of services to at-risk youths and families in an effort to curb community violence and reduce the chance that these children will become a part of the problem versus a solution to it. Many of these organizations have received national, state, city, and civic awards for the work they have provided to high-needs youth and families in the Hampton Roads area. Although these separate agencies have strived to make a difference in their own communities, they understand in order to influence society on a larger scale they must come together and stand as a united front. When God’s X Gangsters approached each of these agencies they knew through relationships, with the ideal of forming a coalition they became excited at the prospect of reaching more families and thus having a greater impact in improving Hampton Roads communities. The framed parameters would allow each agency to maintain their own identity yet agreeing to work as a team to reach at-risk youths and their families This was a realistic next step, as some of the teams had already been working in cooperation with GXG and others, in demonstrative programs to meet the needs of family’s at various core sites in the region. Through a trusted mentor, GXG teams helped develop a family assessment and complete a long-term plan, for each of the participating families, when requested. GXG would either link these families to those immediate partnerships, within walking distance, or act as a referral to those who they can connect with, for further assistance. These core agencies truly understand that the transient nature of at-risk families and the inability of each agency to provide or offer all services needed to these disadvantaged individuals cause many to fall through the cracks. The result is many of these children and young adults do not feel connected to the community as whole. Gangs who want to further their own agenda by terrorizing the community target these youth and many of these children have and will likely continue to join a gang without positive and effective intervention. Gangs, like at-risk families do not stay within city and locality boundaries which hampers the ability of law enforcement and community agencies bound by city limits to combat the problem effectively. The VGPP has already taken the first steps necessary for organizing this coalition of agencies. Through quarterly meetings over the 3 years, the agencies involved have aligned themselves in program areas that allow for a cohesive team presentation and expands their service ability and sites. This regional level community effort is necessary to stop community violence. The faith based community agencies that are apart of the VGPP contacted Dr. Marvin Feit, Dean of The Ethelyn R. Strong School of Social Work, Norfolk State University in 2005 requesting assistance in developing a plan to come together as regional providers to at- risk youths and their families. Over the last 4, the agencies have reached a consensus regarding their commitment to the project, the mission and goals of the coalition, and have separated themselves into the following program areas: day, weekend, and summer camps, empowerment stage shows, drug awareness and prevention, counseling services, job preparation, enhanced educational opportunities, and transitional housing. Although these organizations have proven themselves individually and do work together in the various program areas, grant funding would assist them in their collaborative effort to become a much more visible regional leader and proponent for positive change the area of gang education, identification, intervention, and prevention. Since its establishment in 1935, Norfolk State University (NSU) has always maintained a positive relationship with African American Churches and other faith based organizations in the local area. NSU has a long history of offering assistance and encouragement to community agencies that work and provide services to disadvantaged individuals; it has agreed to do so again for the VGPP. Clients Serviced: Families in our target communities are well below poverty level, experience the highest standards of learning failure and dropout rate, and as well live in gang active communities. The major service sites are located in Newport News, Hampton, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Virginia Beach, and Chesapeake. According to the 2000, US census 13.8% of Newport News residents, 11.3% of Hampton residents, 19.4% of Norfolk residents, 16.2% of Portsmouth residents, 6.5% of Virginia Beach residents, and 7.3% of Chesapeake residents live below poverty. All Hampton Roads cities suppress the state’s poverty rate of 9.6% except for Virginia Beach and Chesapeake. We also serve the greater Hampton Roads area in general, by helping teams start programs, by utilizing our own train the trainers team leaders in the following areas. Program Areas: A) Day, Weekend, and Summer Camps B) Empowerment Stage Shows C) Drug Prevention and Awareness D) Counseling Services E) Job Preparation F) Enhanced Educational Opportunities G) Transitional Housing Organization Development Plans With the assistance of NSU, the coalition members will move forward to: · Formalize written polices and procedures within and among all program areas mentioned in this proposal. · NSU will provide seminars and conferences in organizational planning, budgeting, and communication strategies. · Obtain computers and software for each agency, which will allow for a shared database as well as provide an internal referral mechanism to enhance communication and simplify the application process for individuals seeking services. Program Development The ultimate goals of the VGPP are (1) To provide an evidenced based gang education, identification, and prevention programs in all the regions cities. (2) To form a collaborative partnership that is easily contacted through any of the connections (3) To provide comprehensive and coordinated services to meet the needs of at-risk families. Goal 1: To provide an evidenced based gang education, identification, and prevention program. Objective: To develop a consistant gang prevention model to be utilized by all coalition agencies and to evaluate the model for effectiveness. · 80% of youths enrolled at any coalition agencies will participate in the gang prevention model · 80% of the youths served will complete pre and post tests at the start and conclusion of the gang prevention model · 75% of the youths enrolled in services will report no personal gang involvement by the end of services provided Goal 2: To form a collaborative partnership Objective: To strengthen coordination efforts within and among coalition agencies. · 85% of clients referred for services from among coalition agencies will be enrolled in a program suitable for addressing their issue(s). · 80% of individuals referred for services from other than coalition agencies will be enrolled in a program suitable for addressing their issue(s). . · 85% of clients served will be entered into the coalition database and will not be discharged from services until very effort is made to assist them with the identified issue(s). Goal 3: To provide comprehensive and coordinated services to meet the needs of at-risk families Objective: To work with coalition, community, and private agencies in an attempt to assist families seeking services. · 95% of the youths and families referred to VGPP will be offered the service(s) identified on the intake application or be referred to a more appropriate agency · 80% of school aged youths that are in need of an after school program will be offered placement at one of the coalition sites · 80% of parents referred for substance abuse services will be connected to a coalition agency site within their community or referred to a provider that is able to offer equal services. Leadership Development NSU will work with coalition agencies to enhance leadership skills among their members by providing or permitting the following: · NSU will authorize travel and seminar costs to at least 3 national leadership conferences during the year and at least 2 coalition members will be allowed at each conference, NSU will also offer additional and continuing community leadership seminars over the next two years. · NSU will assist the coalition agencies in coming to a consensus on the various leadership positions necessary to maintain them as an effective regional provider to at risk families. During quarterly meetings, NSU and the coalition members will elect a committee to oversee the collaborative relationship between coalition agencies. VGPP members will attempt to attend and participate in all city, neighborhood, and community meetings held to address gang violence in the Hampton Roads area. · NSU staff will offer mentoring to coalition members in regards to developing community relationships and needed grassroots efforts to combat issues effecting at-risk populations · Empowerment strategies- NSU will provide consultation to the VGPP’s leadership, helping them to build on their strengths · NSU will schedule a minimum of 2 community development seminars per year over the next 2 years, which will be open to the coalition leadership. Revenue Development Strategies In an effort to sustain revenue, the VGPP will utilize the following strategies: · With a grant VGPP would hire a full time grant writer to assist all coalition members in apply for monies to promote and maintain their agencies. Although a grant writer has not been identified, VGPP will seek out an individual with experience in faith-based grant writing. · Marketing- Direct mailings to all helping agencies (churches, hospitals, schools, police departments, CSBs, private therapists, DSS, and child care centers) that may help sustain a steady stream of referrals for our available direct services · Recruiting of volunteers from schools, Community Services Boards, and community agencies that share our client base so that the coalition may increase the number of clients it serves · Advertising through a coalition web page and community bulletins Community Engagement In an effort to enhance our relationship with the community, we seek to hire a part time community consultant who is experienced in developing relationships with communities having high rates of poverty and seek to engage the following entities: · Outreach to at risk communities · Local Churches · Community Centers · Independent cities and localities · Public school systems Evaluation NSU would seek to hire two PhD candidates to work with coalition agencies to develop evaluation measures. This will assist in determining what services offered by the coalition members are most effective in combating gang membership in the population served. The evaluator will track milestones and review activity with project staff. Assessment will be accomplished through questionnaires, direct observations, attendance records, and the behaviors and attitudes of participants enrolled in the services provided. In 2006, Gods X Gangsters provided pre and post tests on various community programs to NSU asking if they were of use in proving the effectiveness of their intervention. The evaluation materials provided were significant in their focus on working with gang involved youth, as it shows that this core agency is very effective in linking with these youth and with other community programs who work with this population of youth. We noted that 70- 80% of the children in the Dept of Housing summer program reported a change in the youths self-esteem, perception about gangs, and 60% shared a change of perception about conflict. It is interesting to see that equal numbers were reported by the parents of improved behaviors, improved attitudes, and children who came back and talked to their families about the intervention. (70-80%) Some of the best data, was that 85% of the Community Leaders who attended a one day workshop, responded with a request for more information, and reported a written willingness to become part of gang awareness in their communities after training by Gods X Gangsters and associates. NSU (SSW) staff will further help develop consistent and reliable measures to determine the effectiveness of the services being offered. All Rights Reserved. This document(s) contains contain information that is privileged, confidential, and/or otherwise exempt from disclosure under applicable law. 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