Our Goals and Objectives:

Goal 1: To provide an evidenced based gang education, identification, and prevention program.
Objective: To develop a consistent gang prevention model to be utilized by all our referral agencies and to evaluate the model for effectiveness.
  • 80% of youths enrolled at partner agencies will participate in the gang prevention model
  • 80% of the youths served will complete pre and post tests at the start and conclusion of the gang prevention model
  • 75% of the youths enrolled in services will report no personal gang involvement by the end of services provided

Goal 2: To form further collaborative partnerships

Objective: To strengthen coordination efforts within and among referral agencies.

  • 80% of clients referred for services from among coalition agencies will be enrolled in a program suitable for addressing their issue(s).
  • 80% of individuals referred for services from other than then agencies will be enrolled in a program suitable for addressing their issue(s).
  • 85% of clients served will be followed up on, and will not be discharged from services until every effort is made to assist them with the identified issue(s).

Goal 3: To provide comprehensive and coordinated services to meet the needs of at-risk families

Objective: To work with community, public and private agencies in an attempt to assist
families seeking services.

  • 95% of the youths and families referred to GXG and their associates will be offered the service(s) identified on the intake application or be referred to a more appropriate agency
  • 80% of school aged youths that are in need of an after school program will be offered placement at one of the cooperative sites
  • 80% of parents referred for substance abuse services will be connected to a cooperative agency site within their community or referred to a provider that is able to offer equal services.
    Target Audience

GXG has worked predominantly in Virginia with the youth and the families of the multiples of ‘wanna be’ gangsters at-risk to gang recruitment. They have also participated in workshops and training to build outreach centers and support work being initiated by local groups, many of whom have partnerships with local and state Government agencies, who are addressing Gang Influenced and/or Involvement, in D.C., Maryland, Michigan, New York, Florida, North Carolina, Oregon, Louisiana, Scotland, England and Nigeria.

The main Reasons for joining gangs usually revolve around the need for friendship, protection and excitement.

Statistics for our Region

  • The average age of the Street Gang member is between the ages of 14 and 18.
  • Race breakdown: 52% African American, 26% White, 6% Hispanic, 5% Asian
  • 34% of the detention center juvenile population are gang members
  • 66% of gang members were middle school age (12-14) when they joined the gang.
  • 29% of the gang/group members were not actively involved in school
  • 42% dropped out of school; 20% were expelled
  • 86% of the gang/group members were male

Types of Criminal Activity that Street Gangs Engage In:

  • 81% drug sales, 71% aggravated assaults, 80% fight other gangs, 57% spray paint graffiti, 55% motor vehicle theft, 59% vandalism   ** (Statistics from The Study of Youth Gangs by Kimberly J. Echelberger)

Educational Characteristics of Gang Youth

  • 40% or more of the youth met the criteria for special education needs
  • 50% of all youth in “the system” scored at least 3 years below their chronological age on language achievement scores
  • 40% of the youth lived with a single parent (mother only)
  • 19% to 30% of the girls in gang lifestyles reported physical abuse in the home
  • 25% of the females reported sexual abuse in the home
  • On average 13% of the girls and 18% of the boys are already parents

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