HOME Regional Team Approach Conference Video Conferences / Webinars Certificates Engagemengts Traveling Workshops Services Services  -  Book Now HOME Regional Team Approach Conference Video Conferences / Webinars Certificates Engagemengts Traveling Workshops Services Services  -  Book Now 1 on 1 services with life coach (counselor),   for hands on support and assistance.   Life coaches bridge into the community in cooperation with, or following a group training, so that each youth may be able to receive personal assistance to help establish the  basics for a sustained life change.    Support could be for 6 - 9 sessions, 12 week or up to a year, at a public services  site, community center or ‘other’, as we are engaged for assistance.     Specifics  We have a curriculum based training that helps youth gather their own tools in a step up process, which includes a life plan.  There is a pre and post test for the entire program, and also for each class.   Youth will be assisted in learning to participate as part of their own support system, in order to successfully graduate school and moving towards being job ready in a healthy community social network.    Life management skills, and socialization skills taught and modeled through relational treatment.  The job portion includes community resource mapping, and helping youth to activate a life plan  in a step up program designed by x-gang members.
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Staff Capacity training for core teams,  will give new insider skill sets that enable teams  to identify why youth act out and recognize the core steps that are walking youth into Criminal behaviors.  This training helps to identify and address the reasons youth that are being draw into the streets.  
Parent Intervention 1 on 1  :    Educates parents to identify and address Street influenced behaviors.  This training includes practical ways to identify core issues along with filling un-met needs in the youth.  Certificate Training for Parents. Parent training for frazzled, discouraged and worn out parents, along with parenting assistance for/with oppositional youth.  Interventions are available upon appointment.   Parents can request an appointment to engage services.   
“Each attendant can learn how to set up a core site; training in a step by step process for initiating a neighborhood network.  Each attendant will learn methods on how to gather, structure, and launch a collaborative program.” Gang Reduction Programs are a holistic process for generational drug involved families whom we haven’t been able to reach previously.  Prevention is aimed at Gang Influenced youth and Gang Intervention Programs, will address Gang Involved youth. Under the VGPP leadership, the team trainers unite neighborhood networks that link organizations who provide support services to gang influenced youth.   In addition, VGPP helps with capacity building to emerging neighborhood networks across the region. Who should come * Church Leaders  * Civic League Members, * Community Center Staff,  * PTA members, * Non-Profit Teams,  & * Public Service Teams, who can participate with the community in a sustained Gang Reduction Solution.   Virginia Gang Prevention Programs has held 5 years of successful regional Gang Prevention Conferences in cooperation with Federal, State, and City speakers.         
Designed to break destructive life cycles of  families who are immersed in generational drug sales mentality. Initializes moving youth from dependence on a street system to becoming a productive member and potential long-term partner of the community family.  Treatment  addresses behaviorally challenged youth through a tested and proven certified curriculum.   Available at community core sites, such as a: community center, social hall, School, or Church.   Certificate for graduation is available if the trainings are completed with compliance.   
C.E. Training and Certificate per each of 9 trainings for webinar based C.E. training with class one Certificate,  for a completed Group Leaders UYLC Certification. 
UYLC program moves youth and adults from being dependent on a street system to being a productive member and a long-term partner of the community family. Urban Youth Life Coaching curriculum based training.  Level 1 Life Plan.  Real Life Discussion of Goals Conflict Resolution Bully Prevention Substance Abuse, Improving Communication. Violence Prevention Gang Prevention Gang Intervention Leadership(I) Leadership (II) re-dress life plan. Level 2 Exemplifying strong character and values Reliance on rules and laws as absolutes Successfully dealing with peer group expectations Level 3 Practice learned behaviors on others Predict others needs and help provide answers. Peer review Families’ goals will be long term values and characters, for deep, solid and sustained Change.
Parent Intervention 1 on 1 -  $75/Hr. Staff Capacity Training  $100 Assembly/Stage Show -  $300
School Assemblies.    GXG has created an exciting and high paced Stage Show that includes ex-gangsters, professional performers and life-impacting messages. 
Group Services -  $240/12 youth. Youth Intervention 1 on 1  -  $75/hr.
This could be accomplished in cooperation with the local community groups such as, Civic League, PTA’s, Church’s, and Businesses. The core site team’s assistance is required to register the network training attendants, and the co-host can invite the leaders they are most comfortable with.  We have a set of  multi-media trainings with hands on role playing, team breaks outs and sets of ‘take home materials’ to help gather, train, and launch a Community Gang Reduction Program. We would like to encourage your own work in helping the families in the community to see a long term under-girding in the most realistic means possible. The VGPP training team will help provide gang group/1 on 1 service to assist this work.  This successful process has been evaluated through multiple city contracts.  We fill in with direct  services, as well as helping to link youth to area  support services.  Neighborhood networks support  services are key to long term follow up. We have parent and staff training, as well as a train the trainers, certification process. Training more  trainers is the key to having more programs to serve more youth in more areas.                          CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE DETAILS
Participants will be able to: 1. Identify the gang situation in your own area and how to communicate that in your constituencies. 2. Set up a neighborhood network of services, with built-in benchmarks; structure to fit the need and identify your capacity to deliver. 3. View one teams example of a local Gang Reduction process; see how they were able to provide services directly and as a support service to other groups. 4. Learn how smaller neighborhood networks can work together to gather a regional map of services; view a regional coalitions gang reduction structure. “Packet of Materials”                           A packet of materials that gives you the training in a take home capacity. An official certificate for training in setting up ‘OUR OWN’ Neighborhood Gang Prevention Program.  Specifically, this certification is for one (1) program and not to be used to start trainings at multiple sites. Early Bird: Registration - $25.00 Packet of take home materials - $25.00 Certificate to start a Gang Prev. Program - $25.00 Complete Package: Includes registration & above listed items - $75.00 At The Door: Registration - $45.00 Packet of take home materials -  $45.00 Certificate to start a Gang Prev. Program -  $40.00 Complete At The Door Package: Includes registration & above listed items - $130.00
C.E. Training & Certificate  -  $230
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Available Services -  Order Today Half Day Gang Prevention Training  -  $75 per person.